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'Grant provided an exceptionally fun evening of drumming for Rutlish School Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Cadets and Staff.'


'A fantastic evening of fun, laughter and achievement for the entire Contingent.' 


'Grant truly has as great ability to engage with adults and youths with ease and confidently leads large groups with a laid back but disciplined approach.' 


'If you get an opportunity to sample a drumming experience with Grant, we highly recommend it!' 


'Thank you again for a drum-tastic evening Grant.'


Contingent Commander
Rutlish School Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

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"I really really enjoyed it!"

"I would think it would be a fantastic team building thing to do at work"

"A fabulous, fun evening of group drumming. Grant was great at leading us all in our different sections and somehow getting the whole group to create a cohesive percussion track to some rock and disco favourites. Lots of beaming smiles all round."

Members, Tooting W.I.

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